The Calumet Township Trustee Office provides emergency relief to eligible residents in a timely and professional manner.  The Calumet Township consists of the city of Gary and unincorporated Calumet Township.

About the Trustee

Kimberly K. Robinson
I am a lifelong resident of Calumet Township.  I was elected to the position of Trustee in 2014.  My entire career has been dedicated to the service of my community.  I can think of no better way to serve than as the Trustee the Calumet Township.

I look forward to serving you throughout my tenure with professionalism and integrity.

Township Board Meetings

The Board encourages suggestions and comments on how to better serve our clients and the citizens of Calumet Township. One of the best ways to stay informed and voice your opinions is through attendance at the Board meetings.

Meetings can also be viewed on the Gary Public Access Channel.

Township Board meetings are open to the public and are held at 610 Connecticut St. Gary.

Township Board Members

Some of the most important duties of the Township Board are:

  • To advise with the Trustee concerning matters pertaining to the civil township
  • To examine and approve in whole or in part the annual report of the township Trustee
  • To make additional or emergency appropriations as the need or emergency arises

Jaqueline Holmes, Chairman

Michael Protho, Member

James Piggee, Member


Board Meeting Minutes