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The Calumet Township Trustee Office is responsible for providing life’s basic supporting needs to the community’s indigent population and people from all walks of life who find themselves in need of temporary assistance.

Applications for assistance are processed between the hours of 8:00 am to 2:00 pm, Monday through Thursday, at our Main Office located at 610 Connecticut Street.

Type of Services Available

Housing assistance for rent or mortgage can be provided if applicants meet the eligibility requirements. Shelter space may also be available depending on eligibility. Verification is required.

Assistance can be provided for current utility bills as long as the bill is in the applicant’s name and applicant’s residence is current. Verification will be required.

Food vouchers can be provided for households not receiving food stamps and meet eligibility requirements. Food stamps are not supplemented unless for specific emergencies. Verification is required and some restrictions do apply.

Transportation to eligible person who is stranded and request to be sent to his/her place of legal residence. Verification is required.

Assistance is available for deceased family members who lived in Calumet Township and meet eligibility requirements

Traveler’s Aid
Assistance can be provided for qualifying applicants stranded in Calumet Township and need help returning to legal residence within the U. S. by means of a one way bus ticket. Restrictions do apply.

Medical Expenses
Doctor’s visits, Prescriptions, Diagnostics, Dental and Eye Care based on eligibility


This section does not reflect the full eligibility guidelines.  A copy of the full guidelines can be obtained at the Calumet Township Trustee Office

Per Indiana State law, the Calumet Township Trustee must set standards and eligibility guidelines to determine services for township assistance. Financial guidelines are set per household size. Eligibility is determined during the investigation consultation by subtracting the total household income for the past 30 days from the income standard set for the household size.

All township applicants will be eligible for assistance only if the total monthly household income is less than the following standard:
Some exceptions apply.

Financial Standards of Eligibility 
IC 12-20-5.5-6 
Persons in Household *Gross Income Per Month
1 $1,041.00
2 $1,409.00
3 $1,778.00
4 $2,146.00
5 $2,514.00
6 $2,883.00
7 $3,251.00
8 $3,619.00
9 $3,987.00
10 $4,355.00
Each additional person in household: $368.00


Example – Household of four (4) calculation
No Income $0.00 $1,825.00
Partial Income $500.00 $1,325.00
Over Income $1,510.00 $0.00

Download Application for Township Assistance

Application can be printed, filled out, and submitted at the Main Office
610 Connecticut St
Gary, IN 46402

Once financial eligibility is determined, the applicant must present paid receipts to verify how 80% of the total household income for the past 30 days was expended. Only receipts for the basic necessities of living will be accepted, (i.e., shelter, utilities, medical, food, etc.)

In accordance to IC 12-20-15-1,an applicant for or recipient of township assistance is not satisfied with the decision of the township trustee as administrator of township assistance, the applicant or recipient may appeal to the Board of Commissioners.

Eligibility requirements are explained during the interview process. There are other non-financial eligibility requirements. You may visit the Main Office for further information.

Lists of Documents Required

The following is a list of documents you will need to bring if you are planning to apply for Township Assistance:

  • Two (2) forms of verification required (i.e., lease, IN Driver’s License, IN State ID and/or NIPSCO Bill)
  • Valid Indiana photo I.D. for all household members 18 years and older.
  • Social security card for all household members.
  • Birth certificate for all minor children in the household.
  • If applicable, all applicants with minor children in the household must apply for child support and verify application.
  • Income verification must be presented for all household members- If you and/or a household member are working, tax forms (W-2 statement), pay stubs for the past thirty days; if you and/or a household member receive unemployment benefits, child support or pension, bring documentation of the amount(s) received and printouts reflecting payment history are required.
  • Proof of benefits if you receive or do not receive:
    • TANF
    • Food Stamps
    • Medicaid
    • Social Security
    • Supplemental Security Income (SSI/SSD)
  • Proof of all pending applications (i.e. Medicaid, SS/SSI, Food Stamps, Unemployment, Child Support, etc.)
  • Current bills for the assistance being requested (i.e. NIPSCO bill, water bill, sewage bill, price of medication (prescriptions), price of tests, etc.)
  • Applicants requesting utility assistance are required to apply for Project Safe (Energy Assistance) and present verification application was made.
  • If you or any household member receives income, you must present receipts verifying how you spent at least 80% of your income during the past thirty (30) days prior to your request for assistance. Applicants must show a hardship

Additional documentation may be required after an application interview.


In accordance to IC 12-20-15-1,an applicant for or recipient of township assistance is not satisfied with the decision of the township trustee as administrator of township assistance, the applicant or recipient may appeal to the Board of Commissioners