To the Members of the Township Board of ——— Calumet —————————- Township
———————————- Lake ——————————– County, Indiana:
YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED That a Special Meeting of the Township Board will be
held at 610 Connecticut Street, Gary, IN…….. on the 3rd day of January,
at the hour of 6:00 P.M.
1. Approval of Minutes November 21, 2016
2. Call to order-
Reorganization of the Township Board I.C. 36-6-6-7
Local Board of Finance for 2017 I.C. 5-13-7-6
3. Elections-
Chairman and Secretary of the Calumet Township Board for 2017 FY
President and Secretary of Local Board of Finance for 2017 FY
4. Public Comments
5. Trustee Comments
6. Board Comments

Kimberly K. Robinson, Trustee
December 29, 2016